Neon signs

The neon sign is the classic among illuminated signs. The tubes can be bent into almost any shape, which is especially useful in small signs where the details are important. By using different gas mixtures, colorants and colored glass it is possible to create light of almost any color. The neon tubes can be placed on the surface of the sign - something that is only possible when using neon tubes - or under a protective acrylic sheet. Neon tubes are also used in art.

Neon is not a quick solution for your signage needs! The delivery time for real neon products is at least one month, usually more. Please order well ahead or choose another product!

Below are some examples of earlier works in this product group. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Neon on individual letters

Neon on base plate or box

Neon on transparent plastic

Neon on metal grid