1. I'd like to get a sign or sticker, what can you offer?

We make LED-, neon- and LEDflex signs, lightboxes, stickers and signs without light, always to order and according to the wishes of the customer. They can have for instance a logo, contact information or other texts. Unlike OPEN and similar generic signs sold online, we don't have anything "on the shelf, ready to pick up", but we of course also make that kind of signs to order.

Here on our website you can check out our products as depicted in earlier projects. If you have other solutions in mind, contact us and we can probably arrange for them as well, or give a hint on where you can get them from.

2. How does ordering and delivery happen in practice?

Contact us and give the information listed below - preferably by e-mail. We may ask you some additional questions to be able to calculate an offer that's as exact as possible, sometimes for different alternatives for making the products. If needed we'll come and have a look at the location to see if there's something that needs to be taken into account during the manufacture and installation. After this we'll issue a written offer.

If the offer seems good and you'd like to order - contact us and order! We'll make the product, and according to the agreed delivery time and way of delivery we'll come and install it, bring it to you or you can pick it up at our factory. If some problems occur, we will always let you know.

3. What information do you need to calculate an offer?

At least

* some kind of drawing, picture or photo of the logo/text you'd like to have made

* the desired size of the sign/sticker

* delivery address and information about the location (preferably a photo)

When making the offer request, it's also good if you could tell us about the desired delivery time, if its a lit sign the availability of electricity, and if there's something else that needs to be taken into account (such as removal of old stickers or signs).

E-mail is the best way of contacting us, so that we'll get all of the information correctly.

We can also come to the place of installation to have a look, it doesn't cost anything extra (in the Capital Region, if it's a bigger project also further away).

4. Does signage require a permit?

Sometimes, but in many cases they not, it depends much on the place. Generally if there already is one or several signs on the building, it's most likely no problem adding one or a couple more.

If you're renting the place the sign is to be installed at, it's a good idea to ask for the opinion of landlord.

If there are other businesses and inhabitants in the building, it's a good idea to ask for the opinion of the house manager/house board. You can also ask them for an existing building permit for signs.

For indoor signs no permits are required from the authorities. Outdoor signage (including signs in shop windows) affects the look of the building and surroundings, and therefore there are rules and laws regulating what can be installed outdoors.

In Helsinki no permits are required for e.g. :

* signs made of a logo or separate letters, with a maximum height of 40 cm, installed above a ground floor shop window

* two-sided lightboxes or signs, with a maximum size of 60x60 cm

* window stickers covering at most 50% of the window (except sunscreen foils)


Almost always signs of these sizes and types are suitable for the location and the needs of the customer. In general it's not worth the trouble applying for a permit for a larger sign - the cost is several hundred euros and the process will take at least a month.

In addition, if there has earlier been a similar sized or bigger sign at the location, or if there is already a permit (e.g. in new shopping malls, permits for signs are already included in the building permit for the building) no new permit is needed.

In larger cities there are usually similar regulations, but in smaller municipalities (and in protected buildings), regulations are in many cases more strict. In extreme cases one has to apply for a permit even for a small window sticker. The building regulations of your city and municipality is usually available on their website.

5. Can we get XX tomorrow? What are your delivery times?

No, our delivery times are somewhat longer than e.g. fast food. Our products aren't ready on the shelf, but made as unique products for you. The delivery times are usually between a week and a month, sometimes less, sometimes more. It's good to start thinking about your signage needs as early as possible. Sometimes the best solution can be a temporary solution that will be replaced with a permanent sign later.

6. How much does XX cost? Do you have a price list?

As our products are made to order, according to the wishes of the customer, we don't really have a price list. The price depends, among other things on the size, sign type, material and required production time. Roughly speaking, for less than a hundred euros you can get a small simple sticker (e.g. opening hours on the door), lightboxes start at a few hundred euros, and signs consisting of separate parts usually cost at least a thousand euros.

7. Can you design a logo for us?

Usually the customer has some idea of what they want, e.g. a company has a logo that they want to have turned into a sign or sticker. We can give some suggestions and you can have a look at our earlier works for inspiration, but we really don't offer design services.

8. How durable are your products?

Our products have a one year service warranty, provided nobody else has manipulated the product in any way. We use professional parts of high quality, so probably your sign or sticker will be usable for much longer. For example the "KISÄLLITALO" LED sign at our own industrial building has functioned since 2006 without any need for service.

9. Can orders be changed or canceled?

Unfortunately no, by ordering you commit to pay for what you've ordered. We recommend that you decide on what kind of sign you want before ordering. Because our products are tailored, the size and design can rarely be changed with a good result. A product tailored for one customer cannot be sold to another.

10. Delivery and installation?

This depends on the product, in most cases Suomi-Neon takes care of the installation, but the customer can also install it or have it installed. We try to perform installation and service works so that we disturb customers and their customers as little as possible. In places with parking regulations and other blockades we strive to perform installation and service works early in the morning.

If the price includes installation, it means installation at a maximum height of 4 meters above the ground or the floor (in practice above a street level shop window), meaning where our own ladders and scaffolding reach. The rental for a bucket truck or other lifting device is added to the price unless it's written out on the offer that it's included. Connection to electricity is included in the installation price if electricity is available on the same wall (e.g. fireman's switch, junction box, socket), at most 4 m above ground and 5 m from the sign.

11. What materials and colors do you offer?

Signs are commonly made of aluminum and acrylic plastic. Real neon tubes are made of glass. We make the product as similar to the specified colors as technically possible. Though, signs and stickers always vary in color depending on the light conditions (day/night, light turned on or off).

12. What file formats can I use to send you material?

You can use jpg, png, pdf, svg or ai. We'll let you know if the file isn't working or if we need it in another format.

13. Payment and billing?

After delivering the product or service, we send the customer an invoice, to be paid within 14 days after issuance. We can send invoices by mail or e-mail. For e-invoices (that go to your bank account) we will apply an extra fee. Time for complaints is 8 days, and the goods are the property of the seller until the invoice has been fully paid.

14. Can I pay in parts or get more payment time?

Usually no. Before accepting an order we will ask for the contact information of the payer. Please ensure that you have the capability of paying the invoice before ordering. If not, we can often suggest a cheaper alternative, or you could order just a part of the signs. You can always order more later.

15. Do you offer repair service?

Yes, we also offer repair, modification, disassembly and relocation of signs.

16. Do you serve individual persons too?

Yes, according to the conditions above.