Cabinet signs

The most economical type of sign is the cabinet sign or light box. This is much due to the fact that such signs are quickly made, therefore this is the best choice if a short production time is required. LED is used as light source, but in larger boxes also traditional fluorescent lamps can be an alternative. We use high quality fluorescent lamps especially developed for outdoor use.

Texts and logos are applied as a sticker on the acrylic surface, and this way it is easy to for instance create multi-colored figures. Cabinets can be single or double sided. Single sided cabinets are used in situations when the building is looked at straight on from a parking lot or from a road. Double sided cabinets are a good choice in city or shopping centers when pedestrians move alongside the building or on pylons along highways.

Below are some examples of earlier works in this product group. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on them.

Single-sided cabinet signs

Two-sided cabinet signs